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Juicy Homemade Burgers and Comfort Food in Terrace

Visit Kathleen's Grill in Terrace, and try our home-style breakfast in a comfy atmosphere, served until 4 p.m. by friendly, fast staff and with a smile. We offer everything from hash browns with your breakfast to hand-cut fries with your custom classic burgers, a variety of milkshakes, smoothies, glass-bottled Coca-Cola and homemade pizza by the slice. Come on down and relax at Kathleen's Grill in the All-West Glass Mini Mall.

Breakfast Menu

Available until 4:00 PM

Classic Breakfast $9.50

(choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, with 2 eggs, home style hash browns and toast)

Hot Cakes $7.00

(3 large pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon or 2 sausages)

French Toast $7.00

(2 pieces of classic French toast, served with 2 pieces of bacon or 2 sausages)

3 Egg Cheese Omelette $9.50

(light and fluffy and loaded with cheese. Served with hash browns and toast)

Loaded Omelette $11.50

(stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, ham, onions and peppers. Served with hash browns and toast)

Eggs Benny $10.50

(2 eggs and ham on an English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce. Served with hash browns and toast)

Big Rig Breakfast $13.50

(3 eggs, 2 ham, sausages, bacon, hash browns and toast)

Old Fashioned Salisbury Steak $14.50

(2 eggs, toast, 6oz of seasoned lean ground beef smothered in mushroom, onion, beef gravy and hash browns)

Continental Egger $5.50

(bacon, egg, cheese, on your choice of English muffin or toasted bun)

Little Duce Coup Breakfast $6.50

(2 eggs, toast and coffee)

JR Breakfast $7.00

(1 egg, 1 bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast)

Sidecar Breakfast $5.00

(2 pancakes and 1 egg)

Side Orders

2 toast, 2 eggs, 2 ham, 3 bacon or 3 sausages $3.00

Homestyle Hash Browns $4.50


Assorted tortilla chips with salsa $7.00

Cheese quesadilla with sour cream $8.00

4 battered Mozzarella sticks or dill
pickle spears

6 chicken wings $6.50

(flavours: hot, honey garlic, BBQ, sweet & sour) 

12 chicken wings, with fries $12.00

Family Platter $18.00

(selection of crisp tortilla chips, onion rings, chicken fingers, Mozzarella sticks and fresh vegetables with ranch dip)  

Chicken fingers and fries $12.00

Custom Burgers and Dogs

The Classic Burger $11.95

(house sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles)

Make it a Deluxe +$3.00

(peppers, bacon and mushrooms)

Wheelie Burger $15.00

(2 patties, mushrooms, onions and gravy - it's wheelie, wheelie GOOD)

-Customize your burger -

Egg $1.50

Cheese: cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss, smoked Gouda $1.50

All Beef Weiner $3.00

Stadium Weiner: all beef with fries $8.00

Smokie: with fries $9.50

Upgrade your fries to curly fries, onion rings, deluxe salad for $4.00

Upgrade your fries to Classic poutine $3.00 

or Deluxe poutine $4.50


Kathleen's Classic $9.00

Cheese Lovers $10.50

***Deluxe Options***
Bacon Ranch $11.00
Buffalo Chicken $12.50
Philly Steak $13.00

Curds made fresh in house

Junior Classics

Amber's Hot Rod Mac & Cheese $6.00

(mac noodles in house made cheese sauce)

Kids Hot Dog $5.25

(how can you go wrong with a classic hot dog and fries?)

Jr. Grilled Cheese $6.00

(the classic cheddar cheese sandwich grilled to melty perfection with Jr. fries)

Chicken Bites $7.00

(boneless chicken breast golden and crispy in bite sized pieces served with dipping sauce and Jr. fries)

Jughead Jr. $7.50
(3 oz. home-style ground beef burger with house sauce and golden fries)

All Wrapped Up

Thai Chicken Wrap $11.50

(sliced chicken breast with Thai salad and sweet chilly mayo wrapped and served with a side of fries)

Philly Wrap $12.50

(steak, onions, peppers and Swiss cheese)

Cheeseburger Wrap $11.50

(3 oz. beef burger chopped with the classic burger fixings and grated cheddar cheese with a side of fries)

Turkey Bacon Club Wrap $11.50

(roasted turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo with a side of fries)

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap $11.50

(tender grilled chicken breast with romaine, Caesar dressing, bacon and parmesan with a side of fries)


Garden Salad $6.50 | Half $5.00

(fresh greens mixed with garden vegetables)

Chef Salad $15.50 | Half $8.50

(fresh greens with turkey, ham, roast beef, garden vegetables, sliced egg and cheese)

Beet and Feta Salad $9.00 | Half $6.00

(crisp romaine topped with tasty beets, feta cheese and chopped walnuts and our signature vinaigrette on the side)

Caesar Salad $10.50 | Half $6.50

(romaine, classic Caesar dressing, bacon, parmesan and croutons)

Grilled Chicken Salad $10.50 | Half $6.50

(garden medley with tender pieces of grilled chicken breast)


The Clubhouse $12.50

(the classic triple decker toasted sandwich with turkey, bacon, crisp lettuce and fresh tomato)

The Ruben $12.50

(corned beef with sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese grilled on rye bread)

Philly Cheese Steak $14.00

(thinly sliced roast beef grilled with peppers and onions, then smothered in melted cheese and served on a bun)

BLT $10.00

(crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato)

Baron Beef $12.50

(roast beef sliced thin and piled high on a hoagie bun with au jus sauce on the side)

Veggie Sandwich $9.00

(fresh tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, cream cheese and lettuce)

Monte Cristo $14.00

(turkey, ham, Swiss cheese in between French toast)

Steak Sandwich $16.00

(6 oz. steak on garlic toast with garden salad and fries)

Buffalo Chicken Melt $12.50

(tender chicken, smothered in Frank's Hot Sauce and Swiss cheese on a garlic butter bun)


Extra 6 oz. patty $5.00

Gravy $1.50

1 Egg $1.50

Onion Rings $6.50

Fries $6.00

Curly Fries $6.50

Dinner Classics

Dinner is served after 4:00 PM and half sizes are available for smaller appetites

Salisbury Steak $15.95

(6 oz. of lean ground beef, covered in mushrooms, fried onions and gravy: comes with fries, salad and soup)

Spaghetti $12.95 | Half $7.95

(good old fashioned spaghetti served with garlic toast)

Fettuccine Alfredo $14.95 | Half $9.95

(creamy white in-house sauce and garlic toast. Add chicken, beef or shrimp for $5.00)

Chicken Quesadilla $12.95 | Half $7.59

(onions, peppers, cheddar cheese and chicken with sour cream)

Sizzling Smokie $14.95 | Half $9.95

(smokie with saurkraut, pierogies and Caesar salad)


Coke Products Bottle $2.50 | Can 1.75

(Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Life, Diet Coke, Sprite, Canada Dry, Nestea)

Evian (still) or Badoit (sparkling) water $2.50

Tea $2.25

(peppermint, orange pekoe, earl grey, green)

Coffee $2.25

(regular or decaf)

Bottled Water $1.75

Milk 2% Large $2.50

Milk 2% Small $1.50

Chocolate, Strawberry or Banana Milk $2.50

Cherry Coke $2.50

Smurfette $2.50

Monster Mash $3.25

Shirley Temple $3.25

Milkshakes $5.75

(chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, malt, coffee, smurf blue raspberry, banana, blueberry cream, cherry pie, apple spice)

Pop-N-Shake $6.50

Adult Beverages

Beer $6.00

(Budweiser, Kokanee, Canadian)

Imported Beer $7.00

(Alexander Keith)

Coolers $7.00

(breezers - ask your server)

Wine $7.00


Loaded Coffee $6.00

(has Carolans or Kahlua topped with whip cream)

Loaded Milkshake $10.50

Peppermint Patty $6.00

(peppermint tea with Carolans)


Deep-Fried Cheesecake $6.50

(apple, cherry, blueberry, drizzled with chocolate syrup)

Ice Cream $3.00

(1 scoop in a bowl)

Ice Cream Sundae $5.95

(2 scoops drizzled in a chocolate syrup with sprinkles and whip cream)

Jr. Sundae $4.00

(1 scoop drizzled in chocolate syrup with sprinkles and whip cream)

*Ask your server about other available desserts*

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